11th Class Physics Unit Wise Syllabus

Dear Students, Here I am giving unit wise syllabus of 11th class of mp board exam.


CHAPTER- 1 A       Introduction

CHAPTER- 1 B       Measurement and Units

CHAPTER- 1 C       Errors in Measurement, Significant Figures and Dimensions


CHAPTER- 2 A      Motion in a Straight Line

CHAPTER- 2 B      Vector Analysis

CHAPTER- 2 C     Motion in a Line


CHAPTER- 3 A      Laws of Motion

CHAPTER- 3 B      Friction

CHAPTER- 3 C      Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion


CHAPTER- 4 A      Work, Energy and Power


CHAPTER- 5 A     Motion of Systems of Particles and Rigid Body


CHAPTER- 6 A     Gravitation

CHAPTER- 6 B      Motion of Satellites


CHAPTER- 7 A      Elasticity

CHAPTER- 7 B      Mechanical Properties of Fluids-I

CHAPTER- 7 C      Mechanical Properties of Fluids-II

CHAPTER- 7 D      Mechanical Properties of Fluids-III

CHAPTER- 7 E      Thermal Properties of Matter-I

CHAPTER- 7 F      Thermal Properties of Matter-II


CHAPTER- 8 A      Thermodynamics


CHAPTER- 9 A      Kinetic Theory


CHAPTER- 10 A     Oscillations

CHAPTER- 10 B     Waves

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